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Intelligent Operations Center & Video Analytics


The Challenge.


Growing population/ organizations and aging infrastructure

Populations levels are climbing and urban infrastructure growth has not kept pace. But citizens still expect certain performance levels for services such as public safety, transportation, power and water. The growing population coupled with required infrastructure work creates an increased service demand if service quality levels don’t drop. Add in static―or even declining budgets―and the challenge facing city leaders becomes clear. Fortunately, IBM can help you maximize your existing resources and realize real performance gains without undertaking a massive infrastructure expansion plan.


The Solution.

The power of intelligent, integrated information

Your community is awash in information. Your departments possess data like road locations, traffic devices and signs, utility locations, water and sewer routes, emergency personnel data, and a catalog of managed assets. But are you making the most of your data? What if you could interconnect and exploit all that information so every municipal department could more efficiently respond to citizen requests? And what if those same departments could anticipate needs and address them before the public recognized the need?

IBM® Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities® provides the IT foundation you need to take advantage of your valuable information—without overloading already taxed staff. It does this by automating the sharing of data across different departments and agencies within your jurisdiction. Using that shared data will help you coordinate resources to provide streamlined response and resolution to citizen requests such as traffic signal timing, water pressure, or power outages. And it can even help you anticipate these needs and proactively solve them before they occur―allowing you to minimize disruptions to the public.

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